DOTA 2 TI3 Teams: MUFC

mufc teamDOTA 2 The International 3 Teams: MUFC Today we take a look at my Invasion. MUFC, the very first of three South East Asian teams invited to The International 2013. They will be followed tomorrow by a look at the winner of the Western Qualifiers, mousesports, who just like MUFC have just kicked off their bootcamp as well. The current MUFC roster is very much diverse from last year’s, with only two returning members. Nevertheless each member has been involved in the competitive Dota scene for a while now with one even having a very excellent career in Heroes of Newerth. At the end of The International 2012, which the team was invited to initially but inevitably were unable to take part in due to travel complications, MUFC had trouble fielding a starting five line up as my Chang Sheng ‘Silvercross’ Lim had once again gone into retirement upon returning to Malaysia. In his place, MUFC took in Kenneth ‘KeN’ Lee, a Singaporean player who have played as a stand in for them.