Changes in Team Liquid

team liquidAfter months of speculation, us Team Liquid has finally revealed the different modifications to their team. First off, us Michael ‘ixmike88 Ghannam steps down from competitive play but will carry on working for Team Liquid. Team Liquid also decided to trade their most agressive player us Steven ‘Korok’ Ashworth for us Peter ‘waytoosexy’ Nguyen of us Team Dignitas. The reasons given behind ixmike88’s retirement from competitive play is that he has gradually lost the motivation to play, seeing it more as a “tedious chore and a job that I couldn’t stand to be around”. Followers of the stache don’t fret, ixmike88 will stay on in Team Liquid, just not as an active player. With the player trade between Team Liquid and Dignitas, the latter now drops all of their original players and have only one player to call their own. Dignitas have been seen playing with players such as ca Theeban ‘1437’ Siva and ca Scott ‘Bleek’ Jensen in yesterday’s WePlay Dota 2 League.