Death Prophet

Krobelus was a Death Prophet-she told destinies for the wealthiest of those… [more]

Death Prophet Death Prophet

Ancient Apparition

Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is an representation projected from outside time.… [more]

Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition


Slardar is a Slithereen, one of the Deep Ones, protector of the great wealth… [more]

Slardar Slardar


How long has it been since he lost his name? The frayed damage of his mind no… [more]

Undying Undying


For centuries, Black Arachnia the Broodmother prowled in the dark lava tubes… [more]

Broodmother Broodmother


Little known to the occupants of the dry world, Dark Reef is a cadaverous prison… [more]

Slark Slark


At the bottom of the Bleeding Hills, there is a place called The Hoven, where… [more]

Clinkz Clinkz


In the kingdom of Pugna’s birth, near the vents of the Nether Reaches, there… [more]

Pugna Pugna


Rigwarl the Bristleback is a melee strength idol well known for his selection… [more]

Bristleback Bristleback


The sibling competitions in between Lina the Slayer, and her more youthful sibling… [more]

Lina Lina

Tips and Tactics

How to Play Intelligence and Agility Radiant

DOTA online tournaments are always tricky for Sentinel players, but what is even trickier is figuring out a particular technique for a particular game. Of the different techniques … [Read More...]

Dire Intelligence Heroes

The Warcraft III Defense of the Ancients game is one of the most played games all over the world. This game is so big that there are yearly competitions for the games. Because of … [Read More...]

DOTA 2 News

EIZO Cup #6 Has Concluded

The sixth installment of the EIZO Cup concluded late last night after a finals among former champions eu Kaipi and ua iCCup in which it was determined who would be the first ever … [Read More...]

Completed the 1st Stretch Goal

The first Stretch Goal in The International Interactive Compendium has been reached, with an awesome $100,000 being included to the International Prize Pool. Everybody who picks up … [Read More...]

DOTA 2 The International

DOTA 2 TI3 Teams: MUFC

DOTA 2 The International 3 Teams: MUFC Today we take a look at my Invasion. MUFC, the very first of three South East Asian teams invited to The International 2013. They will be followed tomorrow by a … [Read More...]

DOTA 2 Hero Guides


Each young acolyte to the Dezun order must carry out a series of rites before becoming a shadow cleric. The final sacrament, the rite of shades, is a disturbing spiritual journey through the Nothl … [Read More...]