Death Prophet

Krobelus was a Death Prophet-she told destinies for the wealthiest of those… [more]

Death Prophet Death Prophet

Ancient Apparition

Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is an representation projected from outside time.… [more]

Ancient Apparition Ancient Apparition


Slardar is a Slithereen, one of the Deep Ones, protector of the great wealth… [more]

Slardar Slardar


How long has it been since he lost his name? The frayed damage of his mind no… [more]

Undying Undying


For centuries, Black Arachnia the Broodmother prowled in the dark lava tubes… [more]

Broodmother Broodmother


Little known to the occupants of the dry world, Dark Reef is a cadaverous prison… [more]

Slark Slark


At the bottom of the Bleeding Hills, there is a place called The Hoven, where… [more]

Clinkz Clinkz


In the kingdom of Pugna’s birth, near the vents of the Nether Reaches, there… [more]

Pugna Pugna


Rigwarl the Bristleback is a melee strength idol well known for his selection… [more]

Bristleback Bristleback


The sibling competitions in between Lina the Slayer, and her more youthful sibling… [more]

Lina Lina

Tips and Tactics

Hero Builds

What does a hero truly need? Now you can find out with Hero Builds. Dota 2 has a huge lot of idols to choose from, and we're including much more regularly. Player-written quick … [Read More...]

Improve Game at a Towering Rate

If you are sick of being merely an ordinary member, this guide based upon evaluating what great users do and what works. It could improve you to a competitive member simultaneously … [Read More...]

DOTA 2 News

eL’Pride folds, Dota 2 team leaves

The eL'Pride organization has crumpled and their previous Dota 2 team has dropped. They will definitely continue playing all together below the name of dk Team Life for upcoming … [Read More...]

DK to compete at MLG Columbus

The last team to be competing at the upcoming MLG Columbus has been released, it is non other than the newly rebuilded and currently most hyped team around, cn DK. This is quite … [Read More...]

DOTA 2 The International

DOTA 2 TI3 Teams: Invictus Gaming

DOTA 2 The International 3 Teams: Invictus Gaming The last but certainly not the least team which we get to introduce to you is probably the team that needs the very least introduction, as they … [Read More...]

DOTA 2 Hero Guides


Purist Thunderwrath was a unbreakable-fighting, road-worn, intensely committed knight, under oath to the order in which he had grown up as squire to elder knights of great status. He had spent his … [Read More...]